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柿泽 广之的资料
证书: Class 3 Referee of Japan Football Asscociation

In 1980,i got a licence of Soccer referee by Japan Football Accociation .Then around 100games has been in-charged of Soccer referee.

In 1992 ,due to the working place has been changed from Japan to Europe, I lost my licence of Soccer referee.

In 2007, as I have been back to Japan, I re-got it again .After that I have in -charged the many  soccer game as referee.

At this moment, I want to in-charge for the referee of Soccer game in GZ-China.

So could you please assign me the referee for Soccer


My name is Hiroyuku Kakizawa,and I work in Yusen GZ as MD  from last year.

I will show you my details as follow


姓名: 柿泽 广之
电话: 13503066867,13922703300
邮箱: h-kakizawa@yusen-china.cn
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